Connect with the World

We believe that one of the best ways to connect with God is to serve others with the love of Christ.  Our task focuses prayer, innovation and imagination on physical or emotional needs beyond the church walls in our community and the world.  We do this both with hands on ministry activities as well as giving financially to various agencies and charitable causes.  We constantly find new ways to connect with the world, but here are two of the main ways we hope to help:


Ebenezer UMC’s support of the Chatham OutReach Alliance, Inc. (CORA) Food Pantry is an ongoing Missions Work Area project. Church members may donate food, personal care items or dollars to CORA every week of the year by placing them in the wooden box in our church Narthex (entryway). Volunteers collect these donations each week and deliver them to the Food Pantry. These seemingly small weekly donations add up over time; our church’s donations in 2010 included over 500 pounds of food.

The Chatham OutReach Alliance (CORA) formed in 1989 when a group of Chatham County churches joined together to address the problems of Chatham County residents who were temporarily unable to provide adequate food for their families. The Food Pantry opened in 1991, and continues today to offer emergency food to families referred by the Department of Social Services, Hispanic Liaison, local law enforcement, area pastors, the Family Violence and Rape Crisis Center, or several other agencies that come into contact with persons who need temporary help feeding their families.

CORA Food Pantry ShelvesThe CORA Food Pantry provides one week’s worth of food up to four times per calendar year, and requires only that the family receiving the food are Chatham County residents and have been referred by an authorized agency. The need has grown rapidly in recent years. We pray that Ebenezer’s support will continue to increase to meet this growing need.  The CORA Food Pantry operates Monday through Friday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. from their building at 40 Camp Drive in Pittsboro. Their phone number is 919-542-5020. You may visit their website at:


Rainbow Covenant-

What Is a Rainbow Covenant Church?  The North Carolina Conference of the United Methodist church encourages churches to support Missions needs beyond their local geographic areas. A church qualifies as a Rainbow Covenant church by giving to Missions in a two-”mile” process.

The first “mile” is met when a church pays its current-year conference apportionments in full. Many items within the apportionments support Missions needs throughout the world, and are therefore important enough to be paid first. Missions items within the apportionments are, in effect, promises made by our general church. Apportionments are divided into several categories: World Service & Connectional Ministries, Episcopal Fund, Interdenominational Cooperation Fund, Black Colleges Fund, Africa University Fund, and (retiree) Past Service Liability.

The second “mile” is met when a church contributes additional funds in the same year – Advance giving – to other Missions needs in each of five “lanes” of giving. These lanes are: Lane 1 – World Missions, Lane 2 – National Missions, Lane 3 – Missionary Salary Support, Lane 4 – UMCOR (the United Methodist Committee On Relief), and Lane 5 – Conference Advances. 100% of Advance giving funds the ministries designated; no administrative fees are deducted.  Once funds have been contributed to both “miles” and all five “lanes” a United Methodist Church can be recognized as a Rainbow Covenant Church for the year. Ebenezer has been a Rainbow Covenant Church for many years running.

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